AngelsIntoLight Retreats-Workshops, are helping to open minds, appealing to all; those who are already well-read on the subject and those who wish to take their first steps to opening the door to ‘All that is,’ as your Angels help you to achieve all that you can be – to become all that you are; as you walk an amazing journey of self-discovery.   Learn about the angelic realms, angel therapy and communication as you open the doorway and connect to the Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters by simply inviting them in. Challenge old beliefs and ideas as you grow in the light of spiritual love and truth and come to understand there is more to life than three score years plus ten. With knowledge and empowerment at your fingertips you can connect to your Guardian Angel and through the teachings of the Angelic and Spiritual Worlds you can build a bridge to the other side. The AngelsIntoLight website imparts – the message from the Angels is a simple one.  They are the source of all love and well- being.  When you open yourself to this love you open yourself to an abundance of earthly and spiritual awareness and learning.